It is quite bigger than usual. Let me describe it as chapters ;)

Chapter 1

My journey on the internet started with multiplayer gaming in 2009. When I was 13 years old I started playing San Andread Multiplayer (SA-MP) and after playing for a quite good time, I dived into SA-MP game mod programming (used Pawn) to develop the game mods and designing the maps. Along game mod development I understood that we should also have web presence where in-game players can check their statistics on the web and buy the stuff for in-game over web. There I've started diving into web development and started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the static websites. To make the website dynamic and fetch in-game statistics from the database I started it with PHP.

Chapter 2

After spending alot of money on game server hosting and web hosting in 2010. I thought starting a hosting business is profitable, so I started a online hosting company "Boiling Host" and did pretty good for 2 years. Learn't lots of things in those 2 years, as I'm the only one who handled from website development, server provisioning, and support. To cut down the operational costs, instead of using traditional cPanel for my web hosting and a different panel for game server hosting. I've developed my own control panel where the customers can handle their webhosting and game servers. Instead of doing the deployment of servers manually, I wrote some shell scripts to automate those tasks as soon as payment is successful.

Chapter 3

After lots of small projects and freelancing from 2012 to 2014, I joined my hands with TaksyKraft in 2015 to put effort in crafting the world class products.
In Jan 2019 I've started my own company "Liberated Monks" with an aim to provide the best products in the space of entertainment which are powered by next generation technologies.

Yep! I'm a tech guy.

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